Bootsy Collins

I hooked up the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 vocal pedal and I said ‘hold up, time out, I can now restore the Roar, and stay funked up at the same time’

If there’s one man in the world of funk who needs no introduction, it’s Bootsy Collins.

Rising to prominence in, as some might say, the best backing band James Brown ever had, Bootsy played on some seminal JB cuts, including Sex Machine, Super Bad and Soul Power. As if that didn’t give the man a lifetime’s pass to the Super-Funk hall of fame, he went on to join George Clinton and Parliament, together creating what are often cited as the quintessential P-Funk albums.

So reads the first chapter of a CV that never slows up and never quits, the opening salvo for a man who’s massive influence on the world of music resonates to this day and can never be over-stated.

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