Daniel Bedingfield

If you sing 6ths or 7ths or 2nds the VoiceLive 2 will still play the right cord. So do that if you want a complex or atmospheric cord placement.

With versatile songwriting skills that generate stubbornly sincere lyrics, great beats and charisma, Daniel Bedingfield won us over a long time ago. His solo debut “Gotta Get Thru This”, famously recorded in his bedroom became a chart-breaking sensation in no-time and helped secure him as one of the top aspiring new talents of the 2000s.

Born in New Zealand but raised in the U.K., Daniel Bedingfield discovered his rapping and boom box skills while in school and along with sisters Natasha and Nikola, he started a group called The DNA Algorithm. His first was releasing the “Gotta Get Thru This” single in 2001. It gathered fans in the UK garage scene before breaking the charts and becoming a number one sensation. Further singles, “If You’re Not The One” and “Never Gonna Leave Your Side” also went on to be number one, while the debut album sold over 4 million copies worldwide. 

Bedingfield’s 2004 release, “Second First Impression” won him a BRIT award for Best British Male Artist and reached number 8 in the UK. He has worked with artists like Pixie Lott, recorded with a former member of The Roots and played with Busy Signal.