“For me the color of the voice is such an exciting thing, and you can get so many different tones out of the voice as an instrument – and the VoiceLive is exciting because it helps you to do that on the fly, without needing to be in a studio”

Kimbra is the rarest kind of artist, one whose intellect and talent are stacked so perfectly against each other that the musical promise seems truly boundless. One who moves with a natural curiosity and openness that readily allows her to be inspired by everything from Meshuggah to Nina Simone and turn her fascination into new and intriguing pieces of art.

Appropriately, her second album "The Golden Echo" (2014) is a heady mixture of different moods and styles, not easily digested, but savored. She prepares like an athlete for her live performances and goes off like a rocket once the stage lights hit, designer dresses a flurry with dramatic postures fueled by the sheer kinetic force of the music. It is a remarkable change from the thoughtful and astute person she is in conversation, but there is no rift. At the center of it all is a voice bigger than the person, a timbre equally at home with beautiful rounded modulations and baited sneers, and as such it accurately reflects Kimbra’s approach to art and its exploration: taking in what challenges and excites the curious mind – and making it your own.