"I control delay, chorus and distortion with a pedal board and I leave the compression / EQ / reverbpart to my FOH guy. I need to be sure that the delay is tight with the BPM of the different songs and I love the chorus. It makes your voices sound superb and powerful when well dosed."

Mnemic is a Danish modern metal band, formed in Aalborg, Denmark in 1998. In the beginning their music was described as a fusion between metalcore, nu metal, industrial metal and groove metal, with additional elements of melodic death metal, to form a style the band themselves have described as "Future Fusion Metal".

After losing not one, but 2 frontmen and a touring frontman within 5 years, most bands would have called it quits. But not these guys, oh no. They recruited French singer Guillaume Bideau and together they took the band to new heights, releasing the critically heralded album ‘Passenger’ in early 2007.

Relentless touring and hard work got them to the point of a well-respected metal band, but their big break came when they got a chance to open for the mighty Metallica. They played their hearts out during this gig in Denmark and pleased the gods of heavy so much that they were asked to open on a leg of Metallica’s European summer tour. This was a dream chance for any band, but for mnemic it was the chance to show Europe just what a force of heavy metal awesomeness they really are. 

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