Monte Pittman

"Number one with TC-Helicon is that you have the best quality voice processors. Number two is that you can plug your guitar in and if I’m strumming a G-chord and I’m singing something in G then it will take the harmony from the guitar, the inversion of the chord. And the third thing is that you can turn all of your effects off and on right there. You can turn your harmony off right there, your reverb, your chorus, and the doubling effect…"

From teaching Madonna to play the guitar to appearing with controversial American Idol singer Adam Lambert during ‘that’ night at the American Music Awards, you can certainly say that Monte Pittman has been there, seen it and done that in music.

Monte Pittman’s story is the stuff of films. He moved to LA from Texas to form a rock band and ended up teaching guitar. Word obviously got out that he was pretty good at doing just that because one of his first pupils was Guy Ritchie whose then girlfriend Madonna had bought him a guitar.

Monte ended up teaching both Ritchie and, when he returned the favour, Madonna herself! So how does it feel to have taught the first lady of pop the guitar? “It’s definitely something you take great pride in and we became friends so I didn’t have to audition for her!” Monte laughs referencing the fact that he has now played with Madonna, both in the studio and on tour for the best part of a decade.

“With Madonna we just got off of a long tour,” he continues, “possibly the longest tour she’s ever done, certainly the longest I’ve done with her and I’ve been with her for close to ten years.”

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