Oh Land

"There’s just something about vocal harmonies that I enjoy, I think it’s such a pure thing hearing people singing in harmony. The VoiceLive Touch definitely inspires me to make music. Instantly, when you sing one note, you feel like you have a whole backing and colour behind you."

Oh Land is a singer-songwriter from Copenhagen, Denmark who currently lives in New York. Recently on tour, she has been using the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch extensively.

Oh Land started playing music in 2007. She originally grew up in a house with a lot of music as both of her parents were musicians. However, choosing to not be like them she decided to be a dancer. After an unfortunate back injury she turned her ear towards music and that’s what she’s been doing ever since.

She shares, “When I stopped dancing I bought a load of equipment and started recording in my bedroom. I threw a lot of stuff out on MySpace and an A&R from a Danish Indie Label (Fake Diamond Records) heard me and signed me to the label. I then released my first album entitled “Fauna” in 2008. After touring for a while in Denmark I travelled to America to perform at SXSW and I was discovered by Epic Records (US) and was signed and moved to New York."

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