"The VoiceLive 2 struck the balance between depth/capability and ease of use. It is so tactile that you don’t waste your time sifting through things that don’t work like on a lot of other machines"

Synthesizers, scattershot electro beats and ambient ear candy – a definition of an indie rock band ON AN ON. From the first note you find yourself surrounded by a purity of melodic, dreamy sounds and silvery vocals.

In 2012, ON AN ON went into the studio to make their debut LP, Give In. It was only weeks after the creation of the band and everything felt new and open. They didn't have any specific sonic goals. They only wanted to capture what it sounded like for ON AN ON to begin.

Following the release and critical success of Give In, and a year and a half touring across the US and Europe, the band returned to Minneapolis to begin writing their sophomore album. Being on the road provided ON AN ON with time to examine how they wanted to expand and grow sonically, resulting in more collaborative writing and experimental live tracking.

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