The VoiceTone Synth is great for turning your voice into one big fat bass line. When you put the distortion on those bass lines it sounds fantastic!

Shlomo has held the impressive and enviable title of World Loopstation Champion for quite some time and, it’s not hard to understand why – to hear Shlomo perform live, it’s quickly apparent that you’re witnessing true genius at work! Breathtakingly skilled vocals, with a wonderfully down to earth and playful demeaner on stage. As a member of the listening audience, you’re momentarily transported into a world of fun with complex beats and loops made to look easy.

He’s been making music since he was tiny. “I got my first drum kit when I was 8 and inadvertently started making beatbox noises as a way to practise rhythms. I always wanted to be surrounded by music and wasn’t allowed to practice my drums after 6 pm and Top of the Pops was on at 7pm . All I wanted to do was learn the drum beat from the latest no.1 song. At the time, I didn’t even know that what I was doing was called Beatboxing.”

“I spent 2 or 3 years touring as a beatboxer doing Snoop Dog and Jay-Z beats to making the crowd cheer and never really wrote and of my own music. After this I did a collaboration with Bjork when she made an album of entirely vocal music. She wanted to use my beats for this and that really inspired me to expand my beatboxing and come up with my own songs. Some songs I write using a Loopstation and others I write for the Vocal Orchestra which is my 8-piece Beatbox troupe. When I write for those guys I record 8-part arrangements into Logic on my laptop, which I then score out for the group to learn.”