Win a VL3X signed by Father John Misty (Contest is over)

And we have a winner... it's... Paul Theisen! Congrats on winning the signed VL3X, Paul :)

A big thanks to everyone who entered - make sure you keep an eye out for future giveaways!

During the Father John Misty 2016 Tour we were lucky enough to meet up with the engineer Trevor Spencer at Train (Aarhus DK). He gave an insight into some of the equipment used for their live performances."We were originally talking about trying to get some sort of harmonizing action going," he says, when asked about how the VoiceLive 2 became a part of Father John Misty's live setup.

Trevor highlights the customizability of the VoiceLive 2: "We looked around, and this was the best option for us, because you can use several different layers of harmonies, and it's easy to set intervals, keys or use the auto key setting as well".

"The records have quite a bit of harmonies and some things that are pretty hard to achieve live without having a billion people up on stage... or some robots."


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