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Ever wondered why it takes such a long time to record an album these days? The vocals – that’s what’s taking so long. In fact, producers spend more time on perfecting vocals than any other instrument.

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself; “wow, the vocal on that new hit single sounds like a million bucks” you’re actually spot-on! A whole lot of money was spent making the singer’s voice sound that good.

In case you haven’t just won the lottery, we’ll let you in on a little secret: You can get a vocal sound that’s uncannily close to the1.000.000 sound for a tiny fraction of the price.


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Yes, for real. Meet the VoiceLive Play - the best kept secret in the world of singing. The VoiceLive Play provides you with amazing vocal tone anytime, anywhere. On stage, in the studio and in the rehearsal room.


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