Bohemian Harmony

One quality, of the many, that makes TC-Helicon customers (yeah, that’s you too) the coolest customers around is engagement. Did we just give you an upfront compliment? Yes, we did. Because you deserve it.

Let’s face it – we make some pretty complex products that require you to ‘do your homework’ so to speak. The fact that you are here reading this tells us that you understand that complexity translates directly into customizability. You’ve chosen a processor that’s complex, because it gives you a maximum of possibilities. And we thank you for it.

Why this sudden burst of praises?

Well, a few weeks ago we saw this video made by Angelo Palmacci. Angelo is (evidently) a hardcore Freddie Mercury fan and has used a VoiceLive 2 to recreate the legendary choir parts that’s such a big part of Queen’s sound. In just under six minutes he gets around 12 different choir parts that just screams ‘Freddie’.

Obviously, Angelo has spent a lot of time tweaking the parameters of the VoiceLive 2 (especially custom scales), but he has promised to make another video soon that explains how he went about it.

Our favorite examples are Somebody To Love (at 00:02), Don’t Stop Me Now (00:28), Radio Ga Ga (01:22) and Play The Game (02:24).

Thanks not only to Angelo, but also to you – for being a part of the coolest customer crowd around.