Ditto Mic Looper: Combined Demo/Review by Mitchell Emmen

Ever thought about uploading your videos to YouTube? Well, if you wanna make it grand in the world of video sharing, you should really check out Mitchell Emmen. This guy has got it down!

Mitchell started uploading videos of his singing to YouTube some five years ago, and before he knew of it, his videos had millions of views combined! You might say that he’s kind of an internet phenomenon by now.

And you wanna know the coolest part? He got to where he is now by doing whatever he felt like doing at any particular time. Not by doing what he thought people expected from him.

Mitchell loves Linkin Park and he totally nails the voice of Chester Bennington (the bands lead singer). So naturally, he’s been doing a lot of Linkin Park covers. It’s his specialty, you might say, although he has also covered numerous other acts such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Michael Jackson and All Time Low.

Now, with that attitude to his craft could you ask for a better product reviewer? Nope, our thoughts exactly! So we figured that we’d send a Ditto Mic Looper to Mitchell and ask for his opinion of it.

Not only did he make a review – he also used Ditto in a spot-on cover of the Linkin Park song “The Messenger”. Go Mitchell!