Your First Vocal Processor?

Did someone gift you a TC-Helicon unit – or did you just pick up your first gear from the store/favorite online merchant?

Then congratulations on getting one of the most advanced vocal processors for live performance out there!

We hope you’ll have countless hours of fun and experimentation with it and that it will help inspire and control your performances for years to come!

However, if you’ve never used a vocal processor before, here are some tips to get you started...


Tip: Most of our units ship with a printed “Quick Guide”, but to download the “Details” manual for your product you need to go to our website, find your product on the “Products” page, click on it, and once you’re on the product page, select the “Support” tab to go the “Manuals” section.

What You Need

To get started, you need:

  • A TC-Helicon unit (obviously)
  • The latest version of VoiceSupport (to keep your product up-to-date)
  • A microphone (any will do)
  • An XLR cable to connect the microphone to the TC-Helicon unit
  • A Border Collie puppy (optional - but aren't they just the cutest?)

To listen to your performance, you can either plug in headphones (on all units in the "VoiceLive" series) to monitor your sound or connect your vocal device to a PA system via the XLR (or TRS) outputs. The latter will require you to have set up a PA system in advance.

Note:It's really important that you remember to download VoiceSupport. If you don't, you won't be able to keep your product up-to-date, so do it right away! We really can't stress this enough. Just do it. Now. Did we mention that it's very important?


First Steps

Try it out

Don’t mess with the “Setup” settings just yet. Instead try experimenting with the presets, and find out what you like – or don’t like – with regards to your voice.

If your unit has the “HIT” function (e.g. VoiceLive Play, VoiceLive Touch 2, or VoiceLive 3), try turning it on and off while singing.

For all “VoiceLive” series products, you can also connect an mp3-player and sing along to your favorite tracks. This is a great way to explore the many different sounds your new vocal processor can produce, and how they fit the music.

Our product specialist, Craig Fraser, sums it up nicely:


Get To Know Your Product

Now you’re ready to do some crunching

Like any piece of electronics – especially when used as a musical instrument – to get good at it, you need to learn about it. Luckily, there are several ways to wisen up:


Read The Manual


Explore our YouTube channel


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Yes, we know – manuals can seem boring – but they’re stuffed with useful information, tips and answers – and you don’t need to read them from start to finish.

Just pick the parts that interest you and come back later for the rest.

... especially the playlists. Here you’ll find tons of videos, including many video manuals, covering the use of your specific product.

... where we’ll regularly post news about our gear and showcase videos.

Becoming An Expert – and how to get help

Don't be afraid to ask

On the road to mastering your vocal performance with your TC-Helicon device, you’ll undoubtedly have questions – even ones that the “Details” manual can’t answer for you.

Here’s how to get help:

  • Visit our FAQs – search our Knowledge Base by general category, unit or feature you want explained. Here’s a good place to start: “How-To & Understanding Effects”.
  • Post a question to Support – they’re always happy to help!
  • Search the forums – users helping users is often a surefire way to get the information you need and we have the coolest users helping each other out.
  • Search our Youtube channel – or watch the “Craig’s Corner” video series for tech help and real-life questions asked by other users.

Get Inspired

Tons of inspiration

Our Youtube channel as well as multitudes of other channels are full of great performance videos that will inspire you to use your new vocal instrument in exciting ways.

Just do a search on the product name and get ready to be amazed.


Become A Better Singer

Seek Out The VoiceCouncil

Our vocal processors are great, but sometimes what is needed is a brush-up on vocal technique or tips on how to take better care of your voice, your posture or your vocal philosophy.

For all your needs – spiritual, psychological and practical – as a singer, we recommend visiting our sister site VoiceCouncil for valuable insights on how to become a more proficient singer.

Singing? We Wrote The Book!

Our book The Ultimate Guide to Singing – Gigs, Sound, Money and Health collects the wisdom of 136 music industry experts to help you move your life and career as a singer ever forward.