Introducing Switch-6 – Extended remote control of VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive Touch 2

While tap-dancing can certainly be viewed as an art-form, our newest 6 switch’ed accessory – the aptly named Switch-6 – is not here to help you realize the dream of becoming the next Fred Astaire, but to extend your personal control of your performance and place the power to do so right where it’s most convenient – at your feet.

Compatible with VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive Touch 2, Switch-6 offers customized control of a multitude of functions, which will let you loop (and control all six looper tracks on VoiceLive Touch 2), toggle individual effects, change presets, engage HIT, or even use as a separate guitar pedalboard (on VoiceLive 3) – and much, much more!

And in the event of a zombie apocalypse the sheer heft of the Switch-6 will make it an excellent dispatcher of the undead. Barring that, its heavy-duty metal construction ensures that Switch-6 will be your on-the-road gigging companion for decades to come.

Available now from your favorite dealer.

Remember to Update

Switch-6 requires the latest firmware to be installed on VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive Touch 2. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free via VoiceSupport – our free app for PC/Mac. Just follow the steps below:

  • Download and install VoiceSupport
  • Connect VoiceLive 3 or VoiceLive Touch 2 to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  • Launch VoiceSupport
  • After the updates have downloaded, click on the Firmware tab
  • Click on the topmost firmware version. It will likely say “New” next to it.
  • Allow the update process to complete. DO NOT UNPLUG OR REBOOT YOUR UNIT!
  • The device will come back to normal operating status on its own
  • If you have trouble connecting to VoiceSupport, try the steps in this HELP FAQ