Just Beam It!

Perform-V App Now available for iOS and Android

Perform-V is bursting with calculation power. Now, with that much potential we thought it’d be a shame to limit its functionality. Hence, we made it re-programmable. In other words: With Perform-V you don’t get just one setting – you get hundreds.

Before you run away screaming, don’t worry – we already did the programming.

In fact, we’ve already created a library with hundreds of free presets that you can download, and we’ll continue to make new ones, meaning that you’ll never run out if creative inspiration!

So how does the downloading process work? Is it via a USB-cable, Bluetooth or Morse code?

Neither. It’s via sound! Here’s how it works:

  • Download the free Perform V app to your smartphone
  • Choose the customization you want
  • Hold down your Smartphone to Perform V’s inbuilt mic
  • Press ‘Beam’
  • That's it. What are you still doing here?