Mackenzie Johnson: The power of YouTube & VL3

Since YouTube launched more than ten years ago, millions of singers have uploaded their music to the platform to gain new audiences and (with a little luck) make it big time. Mackenzie Johnson is one of the few musicians that have truly mastered the art of youtube’ing.


You don’t have to be an old geezer to remember that there once was a world without YouTube. But how on earth did we ever live without this mother of all video sharing sites - this nucleus of satirical spoofs and cat videos?

From a musician’s point-of-view, YouTube has certainly opened up a world of unpreceded possibilities. Want to learn that bass line from Day Tripper? Want to learn vocal belting? Want to learn how to moon-walk? It’s all there – help yourself. By the end of the day, you could be doing all three things simultaneously in a totally unique Beatles/Dion/Jackson crossover performance!

Alright, maybe not.

But the thing about YouTube that’s really interesting for you as a singer, is that it is the perfect personal branding site. Gone are the days when your song had to be on the radio to get heard. These days you simply gather your own following by doing what you do best: Perform your music.

As already stated, few singers have perfected this strategy like Mackenzie Johnson has. At the age of only 22, this Philadelphian singer-songwriter has more than 200.000 subscribers on YouTube! Apart from doing covers of popular songs, she’s done her fair share of collaborations, tutorials and VLOGs. Lately she has committed to make a new video every Monday.

And it sure has paid off.

Since she uploaded her first video some three years ago (“I Will Follow You into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie, if you were wondering), her videos have been watched more than 16.000.000 times! That’s pretty impressive seeing how she has uploaded a total of 170 videos at the time of writing.

Our gut feeling says that this girl is likely to break the internet in a not-so-distant future. Until this dystopic breakdown of global society occurs, we thought that we’d get her opinion of the VoiceLive 3, so we sent her one. And what do you know… video no 170 is a combined review and demo of VoiceLive 3! (This could actually be the one that finishes off the internet)

Anyhow, Johnson treats us to three of her original songs: “Not That Easy”, “Test of Time” and “What I Want”. We think you should stick around for all three of them before you head off to start your own YouTube channel.