Meet The VoiceLive Choir!

Choir singing goes back thousands of years... perhaps even to the dawn of music itself. Time to shake things up a little?

Yes, we figured so too. That's why we gave this nine-piece choir a VoiceLive Touch 2 each to see what they'd come up with. The end result was not only extremely musical - It was arguably the most revolutionary thing to happen to choral music since the introduction of equal temperament - or, at least, it was very very cool. ;-)

About The Choir:

The Contemporary Pop Choir at The Leeds College of Music is a high-octane choral ensemble, showcasing unique and original arrangements of well-known Rock & Pop repertoire. Formed in 2015, the choir embraces students’ from all pathways and disciplines at the college, from pop to classical and from jazz to production. The ensemble shown in the video features mostly 3rd year students, graduating in 2016. They are all creative artists in their own right; fronting bands, producing music and driving the live music scene in the city of Leeds


Product used extensively in the video