Mic Mechanic & Harmony Singer Firmware Update

New Features

  • Improved Gate performance to help eliminate open-mic feedback
  • Added “Less Bright” Tone style for singers who want a bit less “treble”.
  • “Less Bright” also helps to prevent feedback in loud environments while preserving the low end roll-off benefits of Tone.

How To Get The Firmware

  • Download and install VoiceSupport
  • Connect your Mic Mechanic or Harmony Singer to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  • Launch VoiceSupport
  • After the updates have downloaded, click on the Firmware tab
  • Click on the topmost firmware version. It will likely say “New” next to it.
  • Allow the update process to complete. DO NOT UNPLUG OR REBOOT YOUR UNIT!
  • The device will come back to normal operating status on its own
  • If you have trouble connecting to VoiceSupport, try the steps in this HELP FAQ