MORE New Firmware for VoiceLive 3 | Version 1.1.01 available now!

This latest update comes packed with some hot user-requested updates that’ll make your VoiceLive 3 purr with delight. You get the impeccable BodyRez styles from Play Acoustic (remember to download the FREE “BodyRez” preset pack that accompanies this update) and you get a nifty UI Lock option to prevent you from accidentally changing settings when you’re performing. Also, if you’re using an expression pedal, you’ll be happy to discover the new Smart Wah setting.

New Features

  • Added BodyRez amp styles from Play Acoustic to the Amp page *note that these styles don’t completely mimic BodyRez from Play Acoustic, but do give you the same EQ curves. For a more accurate replication of the Play Acoustic BodyRez sound, please download the preset pack from VoiceSupport
    UI Lock – Press and hold the large Control Knob to lock the touch buttons and knobs for performance. This can help if you’ve had issues with cables/feet changing settings while you play
  • Smart Wah – Available as an expression pedal target in the Guitar Buttonmap screen – automatically turns on the Wah effect when you move your expression pedal. To turn off the wah, simply move the expression pedal to its minimum position (all the way back towards you) for 0.5 seconds
  • Context Delay Send target for Expression pedal – Allows you to move between layers and control the delay send for the layer you are currently on with one expression target
  • Changed MIDI channel implementation – There are now controls for MIDI Input and Output channels separately, with filters for each respective channel. Filters determine what is filtered OUT of the signal, not what remains, so be aware of this when choosing filters
  • Add tuner option for step key, external footswitch, and mic control

Many of the updates were covered by Craig and Tom in their most recent webcast, so be sure to check it out below if you haven’t already seen it.

Fixes and Improvements
Reduced Mix screen timeout from 10 sec to 6.5 sec
Tap tempo tuning – It now resets the tempo immediately whether you are outside the beat window faster or slower. Also increased the refinement buffer, so it gets better the more taps you make
Added “Cancel” to Step button menu when you have no steps in the current preset. This allows you to choose not to add a step if you entered the menu accidentally
Guitar DSP sub-module update allows compressor threshold settings to -50db (from -30)

How To Get The Firmware

  • Download and install VoiceSupport- our free app for PC/Mac
  • Connect VoiceLive 3 to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  • Launch VoiceSupport
  • After the updates have downloaded, click on the Firmware tab
  • Click on the topmost firmware version. It will likely say “New” next to it.
  • Allow the update process to complete. DO NOT UNPLUG OR REBOOT YOUR UNIT!
  • The device will come back to normal operating status on its own
  • If you have trouble connecting to VoiceSupport, try the steps in this HELP FAQ