NAMM News | 4 New Vocalist Products Revealed!

January is usually the busiest time of year for us with the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA marking the first public reveal for new products, but this year we’ve gone all out! We’re launching four (4!) new products at NAMM – and each of them brings something new to the scene for all you tireless singers and musicians out there.

VoiceLive 3

VoiceLive 3 is our new flagship vocal processor, which we launched earlier this month – and which should be making its way to a store near you as we speak!

Going leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor, VoiceLive 3 introduces next generation hardware processing and a vocal effects path more comprehensive than anything we’ve created before.

Not to mention that we have included a complete selection of Guitar FX with stomp box styles taken directly from our sister company TC Electronic’s popular range of TonePrint pedals.

Finally, we’ve added an innovative phrase looper ideal for song creation, loop jams, and arranging backing tracks on-the-fly (or at home) and you’ve got an incredible 3-in-1 powerhouse for all singers and singing guitarists alike.

Main Features

  • Complete vocal suite with next generation harmony processing, effects and tonal quality
  • TC Electronic stomp box effects, Amp Tones and dedicated stereo amp outputs to integrate fully with your guitar rig
  • Powerful 3-phrase looping lets you create and store entire songs on-the-fly

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VoiceSolo FX150

No one cares more about your music than you, but what does it matter when stage or rehearsal conditions don’t allow you to control your sound or even hear yourself properly? VoiceSolo FX150 solves that. An all-in-one, kick-ass personal PA, vocal monitor, instrument amplifier and vocal reverb unit, it puts your music and your needs for control front and center. Finally, you have more you!

Main Features

  • Full range, 6.5″ 2-way coaxial Tannoy speaker and 150W of premium musical clarity and power.
  • 3-Channel Digital Mixer with TC-Helicon Vocal Processing, including Reverb, intelligent EQ and Compression.
  • Instant mic-stand mounting with our Easy Grip system.

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The Ultimate Guide To Singing: Gigs, Sound, Money and Health

The Ultimate Guide to Singing is a completely new kind of singer’s book – and one we’re especially proud to present!

Over 100 experts from all areas of music industry have come together to help singers to move ahead with their singing and career.

Every aspect relevant to singers has been included: from vocal technique and health to mastering live and recorded sound, creating unforgettable performances – even insights on growing a fan base and dealing with money.

The contributors are impressive: Grammy award winning artists and engineers, leading doctors, surgeons, coaches, technologists, producers and social media gurus.

Main Features

  • Focused Actions: 18 information-packed chapters with specific insight on moving ahead with all aspects of your singing and career
  • Questions Answered: Experts from across the music industry respond to 187 questions from singers
  • Over a 100 professional contributors with 94 Grammys and Grammy nominations, 193 books, 1,772 albums and 280 million YouTube hits
  • Survey results from over 1,000 singers on what works (and what doesn’t) for performance, technology, gear, creativity and health
  • Easy-to Read Contributions: Actions and FAQs have been crafted into brief, relevant and focused chunks

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Guitar & Headphone Cable

The combined Guitar & Headphone Cable is a nifty little invention that will make in-ear monitoring and practicing so much easier, cheap and fun.

It facilitates headphone monitoring and guitar connection in a single simple plug-and-play experience, allowing ample freedom to move while you rock out in practice or performance.

Main Features

  • A combined 1/4″ guitar and 1/8″ headphone cable
  • Allows headphone signal to travel in the same cable as a guitar signal
  • Perfect for guitarists/bassists with in-ear or headphone monitoring
  • Lets guitarists/bassists practice with no amp and a single cable

Compatible With

  • VoiceLive products: VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Play GTX, VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive Touch
  • Guitar multi-fx processors with headphone out
  • iPhone/iPad guitar interfaces

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