New VL3(X) Demos with Tom & Stephanie

Product Manager Tom Lang and singer-songwriter Stephanie Forryan recently stopped by the TC mothership to shoot a few videos with the new VoiceLive 3 Extreme. The mothership, just for reference, is our sister company TC Electronic’s Headquarter in Denmark (or so we’ll have you puny earthlings believe).

Anyhow, Tom and Stephanie simply played it by ear and shot two super cool videos in no time at all.

The song “Distorted Paradise” demonstrates how quickly you can go from the sweet to the sour - sonically - while keeping everything sounding pristine and professional (even when you're just having fun improvising).


The song “Paging Dr. Feelgood” is a phrase-loop song that Tom and Stephanie co-wrote in real time (!) using the VoiceLive 3 Extreme. Everything you hear is recorded live and on-the-fly!