On Ditto and Dangerous Duos

They say three is a magic number. Be that as it may, you just can’t trump the power of a dangerous duo. You have Bonnie & Clyde, Jake & Elwood, Savage & Hyneman, R2-D2 & C-3PO [feel free to insert your own favorite duo here… unless it’s Hall & Oates. Just… don’t]. And now a new dangerous duo has surfaced. It’s ULRIKA & Prisca!

Chances are you’ve already seen the video with the two alternative pop divas (it went crazily viral on Facebook recently). But since Facebook-videos have a tendency of getting lost in the heard, we figured we’d make a more permanent home for the video here in our news-section.

What we love about the video is obviously the kick-ass collaboration between ULRIKA and Prisca, but we’re also really digging how they use VoiceLive Play and Ditto Mic Looper in conjunction.

But enough with the talk of dangerous duos – You’ve got to check out this awesome cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Invincible”!

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