Piaf, Puzzles & Play Acoustic

Once in a while you find yourself in a musical puzzle. And we’re not talking about standing knee-deep in some 10.000+ piece jigsaw puzzle of “Phantom of the Opera” here. We’re talking about finding yourself in a state of bewilderment. Because of a piece of music.

Like when a French girl decided that “Hey Ya!” is in fact not a feel-good song, but really a mellow piece of introvert electronica. Or when an Italian singer turn out to be the reincarnated Freddy Mercury. This is one of those times.

LA based singer songwriter Dana Williams recently made a cover version of “La Vie En Rose” featuring the Play Acoustic. It caught us completely off-guard.

Granted, Dana has been called a modern-day Ella Fitzgerald, but the timelessness she’s been able to bring to her rendition of the popular Edith Piaf song left us puzzled... In a good way!

Dana’s voice literally sounds like an echo from the 1950’s! It’s like the fourth dimension took a merited holiday, leaving past and present to coexist for a while. Nothing puzzling about the setup, though. Just the standard mic, guitar and Play Acoustic.

To complete our bafflement, there seems to be some kind of vintage distortion on the voice. Is it her large diaphragm microphone that’s on the edge of distorting? Is it some hi-pass EQ’ing playing tricks on us? Or is it just her natural vocal distortion?

Perhaps they all play a small part in the puzzle.

Anyways, you should really check it out. And the Play Acoustic, while you’re at it.