Platinum Award for VoiceLive 3

Guitar World is one of the most respected and widely-read guitar magazines, which made their raving review of VoiceLive 3 in the November 2014 issue all the sweeter! Plus, they gave VoiceLive 3 a Platinum Award for excellence!

The review is finally online in its entirety and we urge you to read it forthwith:!

Here’s a juicy morsel to get you started:

“Although VoiceLive 3 is incredibly sophisticated and deep, it is surprisingly easy to use. The factory presets enable even technophobic musicians to get up and running within minutes. Chords played on the guitar can automatically guide vocal harmony processing and other effects. An Acoustic mode setting instantly optimizes the VoiceLive 3’s guitar processing section for an acoustic-electric guitar. The vocal, guitar and looper edit screens are instantly accessed via dedicated switches on the front controller panel, and the control knob, four mix knobs and large display make it easy to navigate menus and adjust parameters. Of course, the bottom line with any processor is the quality of its effects, and this is where VoiceLive 3 really delivers the goods. Individually, the vocal, guitar and looper sections are worth the price of admission on their own, and collectively they make VoiceLive 3 an incredible bargain. The vocal effects deliver professional studio-quality processing, particularly the realistic-sounding harmonies, lush reverbs and instantaneous pitch correction. The guitar effects are similarly stellar, as anyone familiar with TC’s TonePrint pedals can attest. The looper may be the Voiceprint 3’s secret weapon, as it is more powerful and sophisticated than most dedicated loopers on the market.”

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