Play Acoustic: SEE Becomes Her Own Backing Choir

The harmony effect section of the Play Acoustic is undoubtedly a favorite among many singer-songwriters. It’s great. But it can only take you so far.

What would you for example do, if you wanted to create a backing choir that didn’t follow your voice, but instead appeared to have a will of its own? That’d take something close to artificial intelligence, now wouldn’t it?

Unless you pre-record a vocal harmony snippet for later use, of course.

That’s exactly what New York based singer-songwriter SEE does in her acoustic cover of Leon Bridges’ “Coming Home”: A two bar snippet of pre-recorded vocal harmonies serves as a sonic backdrop that she can kick in and out any time she wants. Not following? Watch the video. Then you’ll know what we mean.

That SEE later on uses the Harmony FX block in the conventional follow-my-voice-and-detect-the-underlying-chords kind of way just adds another dimension to her performance. Good stuff.

Fair warning to the inspired reader: If you’re going to use pre-recorded parts in your live gigs, you have to be extremely cautious with keeping time. You’d be surprised how ruthlessly consistent your recorded self can be.