You asked for it

... so we made it possible.

Play Acoustic now has a Flashback Delay section and Per Preset Guitar FX are enabled!

You’re welcome.

So what technical sorcery is required to update your Play Acoustic? Well, first of all you should download VoiceSupport 2. You might as well do it right away! We'll wait for you. Pinky swear.


I've downloaded VoiceSupport 2. Now what?

Your edited Guitar effects, Vocal effects and Setup will not be lost during the update (one of the improvements in VoiceSupport 2) but we still recommend that you use the ‘Backup All’ feature in the Preset tab menu as a precaution.

We suggest you watch this special episode of Singer’s Clubhouse where the process is demonstrated.

When the firmware update is done, you’ll see the new delay function under the guitar effects section. Yay, this is awesome! But you still need to enable per preset Guitar FX.

Luckily this is easy: Press 'Setup' and go to the SYSTEM tap (6/10). Next to GLOBAL GUITAR FX it says "ON". You simply switch it to "OFF" and... that's it!

Congratulations, your Play Acoustic is up to date!

NOTE: Notice that the Guitar Anti-Feedback menu now moves to Setup and remains global.