The Return of the Music Making Apps

Low price – High performance

What if we told you we’re relaunching three TC-Helicon products that all share the following features?

  • No power supply required
  • Cost less than a jar of peanut butter
  • Take up no physical space – whatsoever

You’d burst into song? Well, you better start doing your warm-up exercises, because it’s true: Now you can have the same awesome TC-Helicon effects you’re used to residing in your smartphone/tablet!  Thanks to an amazing effort from our engineering team, our patented algorithms have been distilled and optimized for mobile use. And since we’ve bypassed the whole hardware thing, we figured we’d sell you all of the apps for only a few bucks.

VoiceRack: FX – for iOS

  • Professional Vocal Effects App from TC-Helicon for iOS
  • 5 Radio buttons to store and instantly recall your favourite presets
  • Connects to GarageBand and any Inter-App Audio or AudioBus capable app

Voice Rack: FX is perfect for showing you how you can transform your voice. You easily glide through 50 stunning TC-Helicon vocal presets. But the journey doesn’t stop there - you can actually take this app right onto the stage. All you need is a pair of headphones and your voice. Plug it directly into the PA system to add a new level of brilliance to your performance.

VoiceRack: FX just got a complete ground-up rewrite with re-engineered audio processing and a new interface!


Voice Jam Studio – For iPad

  • The world’s most powerful vocal effects processor and looping app
  • Capture your creativity and share it with the world right from your iPad!
  • The perfect tool for any vocalist - whether exploring a musical idea, recording in a studio, or playing live.

VoiceJam Studio is a Looper, Vocal FX Processor, and Audio/Video performance recorder designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding touring artists. At the heart of Voice Jam Studio are 50 presets. Each delivers a different vocal sound - from enhancing your natural vocal character to transforming your voice so that you can create bass lines, drum sounds, melodic passages, harmonies, and special effects.

Now Voice Jam Studio features direct integration of TC-Helicon's new Voice Rack FX 2.00 vocal processing powerhouse via AudioUnit Extension Hosting.


Voice Cross Trainer – for ios and android

Voice Cross Trainer by Kim Chandler brings you tried and proven exercises and techniques for training, improving, maintaining, and getting in touch with your own vocal health. Developed with world renowned vocal coach Kim Chandler, this app is your daily companion to getting your voice in shape, and keeping it that way. Proper vocal fitness is the key to singing success!

Improved with new video recording feature for logging your vocal progress!