The Single Stompboxes: "Caught in the Rain"

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: TC-Helicon has the greatest customer base around!

You guys help out each other on our user forum, you beta test new firmware, you join user-administrated Facebook groups (like the VoiceLive 3 user group) - heck, you even notify us when you’ve done a video you think we’d like to share.

How awesome is that?

Yes, pretty friggin’ awesome. See, you even answer our rhetorical questions. You guys rock!

Like the other day, when we were about to trawl YouTube for new videos to post on Facebook, there’s a message from Alex Lynch notifying us, that he’s just made a new video featuring the single stompboxes, in case we’d be interested. We check it out. Sounds great (as always). Thanks, Alex!

We’re very lucky to have that kind of interaction with our users.


What makes it even better, is that the quality of the content you guys share is really high.

Take our Instagram profile for example. The most interesting pictures, by far, are regrams – pictures of you guys performing on stage, in the rehearsal room or behind the scenes.

Guess what we’re trying to say is: Keep sharing those videos and photos with us!

Here’s Alex with an awesome live looping performance of his original composition “Caught in the Rain”.