The Ultimate Guide to Singing – a look at the new book

The Ultimate Guide to Singing is a completely new kind of singer’s book – and one we’re especially proud to present!

Over 100 experts from all areas of music industry have come together to help singers to move ahead with their singing and career.

Every aspect relevant to singers has been included: from vocal technique and health to mastering live and recorded sound, creating unforgettable performances – even insights on growing a fan base and dealing with money.

The contributors are impressive: Grammy award winning artists and engineers, leading doctors, surgeons, coaches, technologists, producers and social media gurus.

Main Features

  • Focused Actions: 18 information-packed chapters with specific insight on moving ahead with all aspects of your singing and career
  • Questions Answered: Experts from across the music industry respond to 187 questions from singers
  • Over a 100 professional contributors with 94 Grammys and Grammy nominations, 193 books, 1,772 albums and 280 million YouTube hits
  • Survey results from over 1,000 singers on what works (and what doesn’t) for performance, technology, gear, creativity and health
  • Easy-to Read Contributions: Actions and FAQs have been crafted into brief, relevant and focused chunks

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