Voice Cross Trainer: By Kim Chandler | Announcement of Release

Time for a vocal coach on the side?

Voice Cross Trainer: By Kim Chandler is an extension to a vocal coach that provides professional level training exercises to help improve, maintain and understand your vocal fitness.

No matter what level of singer you are, your voice like any other part of your body requires exercise if you want it to stay in shape.

A professional athlete or musician must constantly train and practice in order to perform at an optimal level, and singing is no different.

You can’t just turn your vocals ‘on’ or ‘off’ when it is time to perform. Training and practice is what creates perfection and amazing vocal performances.


About Kim Chandler

Kim Chandler is a world renowned vocal trainer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music. This complete Vocal Fitness System instructed by Kim includes exercises that focus on Breathing techniques (endurance), Articulation, Flexibility & Range, using scales, and more.

These tried, tested and proven exercises were designed to be an extension to your vocal coach. Only Voice Cross Trainer By Kim Chandler provides the full regime that will take your singing abilities to the next level.

Continually improve, record and evaluate your vocals all within the app whenever, wherever. Remember, keeping your voice fit is the key to success for your singing.


This new update features a ‘Performance Recorder’ where you can record yourself singing and/or performing exercises that allows you to watch yourself and evaluate your performances, and monitor your progress. Also new to this update is the ‘Timeline’ feature that stores your recorded performances and logs a detailed history of your use within the app. Improve, maintain and understand your vocal fitness - only with Voice Cross Trainer: By Kim Chandler.