VoiceLive 3 and an Elastic Heart

The talented up-and-coming artist A.V.has made this live cover of Sia's mega-hit "Elastic Heart".Besides sounding positively awesome, it shows that you don’t need a lot of instrumentation to perform a coherent song. In fact, often a mic, a guitar and a processor (in this case a VoiceLive 3) will do.

In the video both the guitar and the vocal are processed by VL3 – and nothing else. Give the song a listen and see if you agree with us: The vocal sound A.V. is able to get with it is quite extraordinary!

As for the guitar, a fair amount of compression has been added to the Stratocaster to make its neck/middle pickup position even twangy’er. A tap delay synced with the song’s tempo provides a rhythmical backbone.All in all a very great video!

*Important info: This video does not feature Shia Labeouf wrestling with a minor.

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