VoiceLive 3: Elliot Moss Performs “I Can’t Swim”

Elliot Moss is only in his early twenties, but seems to be a star in the making. He’s already his own performer, producer, and mixer and has recently made his first SXSW appearance. At the time of writing he’s just released the full-length “Highspeeds” (yup, you can find that on iTunes). His style is a combination of minimalist beats and mellow sonic landscapes featuring elements from grunge and electronica. His voice has been compared to the likes of James Blake and Justin Vernon from Bon Iver.

Not bad.

Moss is still an underground act, and in all honesty, we stumbled upon his music because he uses the VoiceLive 3 (yeah, we’re more “upperground” than we care to admit). We’ve already posted a live performance of his song “Slip”, where he utilizes the notes-setting from VL3’s Harmony block in a really great way. Did you see that? (We’ll spare you the trouble of googling that by making THIS a link).

And now for a live performance that’s equally awesome.

When we listened to “I Can’t Swim” it absolutely blew us away. We mean, how can a live performance (even in a studio) sound so… incredible? This video is the real deal though – no smoke and mirrors.

Well, there’s plenty of smoke. Smoke and lasers. But that’s just because it looks friggin’ cool. Do yourself a favor and dive into this pool of swell electro-pop!