VoiceLive 3 Extreme: Stephanie Performs “Nightmare”

We’re very pleased with our new product demonstrator Stephanie Forryan. She is always well prepared, she’s a hard worker and she’s very initiative. Take this video for example.

At Musikmesse in Frankfurt (Germany) she had to go through an abandoned space on the way to her gig, and she noticed that the echo of the room was quite nice. So nice, in fact, that it inspired her to write a new intro to one of her original songs.

After her gig she recorded an all-vocal backing track to the song and automated the effects. The day after she went back to the abandoned space with the new VoiceLive 3 Extreme and the MP-76 mic and recorded the entire performance directly onto a USB stick – without the use of a laptop or an audio interface.

At TC-Helicon we don’t have an “Employee of the Month”, but if we had, it’s this kind of work ethic that would secure the title. You know what? We’ve just made her the Unofficial Employee of the Month – congrats, Stephanie!

The song is called "Nightmare". Ironically, it sounds like a dream.