VoiceLive 3 – Preset Pack Download

NAMM Preset Packs for VoiceLive 3!

In celebration of NAMM 2014, we’ve got two VoiceLive 3 preset packs for you. There is a NAMM 2014 Pack, containing Tom Lang’s demo presets from the show floor, and an expanded set of Synth presets that includes an amazing replication of the W.O.P.R. computer from 1983′s War Games! Would you like to play a game?

To get the presets, simply connect your VoiceLive 3 to your computer using the supplied USB cable and open our preset/firmware management software, VoiceSupport.

Click on the Presets tab and give the system a minute to scan your current presets. Then, drag and drop the preset packs from the right hand menu into your preset “working data” area. You can drag the presets to an open space or overwrite existing presets, whichever you choose.

Click “Apply Changes” to send the presets to your device.

If you’re having trouble connecting to VoiceSupport, there’s an in-depth FAQ to help you out on our support page: VoiceSupport Troubleshooting