VoiceLive Play and Play GTX – Firmware Update

We’re pleased to announce a new Firmware version for both VoiceLive Play and Play GTX! User feedback allowed us to make some improvements and changes to the way both units operate, so thanks for your input!


  • Improved Tone detection speed and accuracy
  • Improved “Less Bright” Tone style


  • Removed incoming USB audio from outgoing USB audio strem
  • User feedback let us know that having the incoming USB audio (from a DAW track etc.) in the outgoing audio wasn’t very useful.
  • Now, you can monitor your DAW tracks in Play’s headphones while recording just the Play/Play GTX generated audio back to your computer.
  • Added “Monitor” option in the “Aux In Type” parameter.
  • Selecting “Monitor” will remove the Aux signal from the outputs, allowing you to use the Aux input for an incoming monitor mix.

How To Get The Firmware

  • Download and install VoiceSupport
  • Connect your VoiceLive Play or Play GTX to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  • Launch VoiceSupport
  • After the updates have downloaded, click on the Firmware tab
  • Click on the topmost firmware version. It will likely say “New” next to it.
  • Allow the update process to complete. DO NOT UNPLUG OR REBOOT YOUR UNIT!
  • The device will come back to normal operating status on its own
  • If you have trouble connecting to VoiceSupport, try the steps in this HELP FAQ