VoiceLive Touch 2 – Firmware Update 1.1.01 Build 45 Available

Firmware Update for Touch 2!

Make sure you grab the latest firmware for VoiceLive Touch 2. It adds Switch-6 support and some other nice little tweaks.

  • Switch-6 compatibility
  • Single Button Looper changed to include double tap + hold to erase
  • Added HIT “Snapshot” mode from VoiceLive 3. Setup menu now has a “Dynamic” (the original method) and “Snapshot” mode. Snapshot always recalls your saved effects states each time you press HIT.
  • Added MET routing to footswitch targets. Add/remove MET from the Main Out.
  • Aux to Main Out switch added (in Setup menu). Allows you to have Aux signals only in the Headphone output, giving you an input for an external monitor mix. Great for IEM’s.
  • Favorite Up/Dn added to footswitch options
  • Preset change and Favorite change now work when not on Home screen
  • Reduced Set Key timeout from 5 sec to 2.5 sec
  • Aux and Guitar Loop waveforms now show correctly in Dual Mono mode

To get the update:

  1. Download and install VoiceSupport
  2. Connect your Touch2 via USB to your computer
  3. Launch VoiceSupport
  4. Click on the “Firmware” tab when it becomes available
  5. Choose the topmost firmware in the list. It will be marked “New”.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions. DO NOT POWER CYCLE Touch 2 during the update! The unit will reboot a few times on its own and then return to “normal” operation.
  7. You’re done! Go grab a Switch-6and try out the other features too!
  8. If you have trouble with VoiceSupport, make sure to read these two FAQ’s. They solve all known connection issues. Just be sure to go step-by-step: Can’t Connect/Update or “Not a TC-H Device” message

*Since we’ve added several new system parameters, your system settings (not your presets!) will be reset after performing the update. We recommend writing them down, taking a picture, hiring someone with a really good memory etc. to make sure you can reset things to your pre-update setup.