Wanting to take singing to the next level

A Personal Perspective

My name is Scott, I am a marketer by day, rock star by night (at least that’s what I tell myself).

Reality is, music and signing is a passion of mine, but not something I make a living on.

I like to practice and perform in front of friends and family for fun. I have a vocal coach that I see weekly, but when the summer arrives, I find myself constantly traveling and spending time in cottage country.

I had been searching for a vocal training app that I could use anytime, anywhere especially during the summers when I see my vocal coach less, but want to continue to practice and train to continually improve my vocal strength.


Why Voice Cross Trainer?

I consider myself at the beginner level of using and understanding my vocals, and I find the Voice Cross Trainer app takes an easy fundamental approach to training.

I am able to practice at my leisure and move at my own pace through the app.

I love how I can record myself and re-watch the performance to critique myself.

It is one thing to practice an exercise and hear it from the point of view of singing it. But the performance recorded allows me to re-watch and listen to my performance, which adds a whole new dynamic and realistic point of view of how I actually sound.

I am looking forward to growing with the app and using it as a tool to maintain my vocal fitness.

Currently and into the foreseeable future, I think this app will be a huge asset in my development as a singer.