Whitney Myer Takes Us To Church… And To School

We shot a handful of really great videos with the lovely Whitney Myer at NAMM 2015. This one features some really great – although not conventional - use of the VoiceLive 3. Myer takes on Hozier's breakout hit "Take Me to Church" with a “kick-in/kick-out” approach to looping.

Myer starts out with recording a four bar snip of the chord progression from the song’s chorus. She uses a distorted amp model and lays down a high-pitch harmony track at the same time. Once she has closed the loop, she lets it play back again before she goes into the verse with a clean guitar tone. She plays and sings the verse without any use of loops or harmony effects.

By the time of the chorus the four bar loop comes to function as a backing track. The chromatically descending chord figure beneath the “take me to church” line binds the two halves of the chorus together. However, it clashes with the last chord in the four bar loop, so Myer momentarily kicks out the loop before this clash occurs, and restarts it just in time for the other half of the chorus.

By doing this she has economized her looping time very well: She has only spent four bars laying down the loop (that simultaneously functions as the song’s intro), and she makes this loop last for eight bars, although there’s a theoretical clash of harmonies. That’s pretty clever!

You might say that Whitney Myer is not only taking us to church… she’s taking us to school as well!