Magic At Your Feet

There’s nothing like having a large
and enthusiastic audience singing
along with you. CRITICAL MASS puts
that magic right at your feet in an easy
to use stomp box..


Sing Along Style

Whether you’re pounding out arena rock-style
anthems or leading worship at your church,
having group vocals on demand allows you to
set the mood and engage your entire audience.
Choose from “melodic” or “gang” style vocals
that suit any style of music with no key or scale
input required.

Studio-Grade Reverb

Reverb simulates a physical space, allowing your voice to fit into the music perfectly. Whether it’s the
ambience of a small room, or the massive reverberation of a concert hall, CRITICAL MASS’ 3 vocally
tuned reverbs always brings out the best in your voice.

Personal Sound Tech

CRITICAL MASS’ Adaptive Tone (equalization) with compression, de-esser and gate automatically
control the timbre and shape of your sound, ensuring every note is pristinely clear and intelligible.
When the crowd hears exactly what you’re singing, they can join in – and there’s nothing better
than that!

Ease of Use

You’re a singer first and foremost, so getting knee-deep in technology probably isn’t what your
gig calls for. That’s why CRITICAL MASS automatically sets your mic gain to the optimal level,
allowing you to concentrate on giving your best performance – night after night.

Power Options

CRITICAL MASS gives you the option of either plug-in power via the optional POWERPLUG 9 V
adapter – or battery operation for those occasions when you’re just doing a short set, or house
power isn’t readily available.

Your Best Performance

Whether you’re playing at the local tavern or a huge festival, your vocals always deserve special
attention. CRITICAL MASS gives you the tools to always sound your best with melodic and gang vocals,
state-of-the-art reverb and adaptive tone – all in an ultra-simple stomp box designed to
elevate your performance to the next level.