One cable to rule them both

TC-Helicon’s custom designed Guitar & Headphone Cable facilitates in-ear monitoring and guitar connection in a single simple plug-and-play experience. You get ample freedom to move while you rock out in practice or performance. This is perfect for guitarists/bassists with in-ear or headphone monitoring – it also lets you practice with a single cable and no amp.


  • A combined 1/4″ guitar and 1/8″ headphone cable
  • Allows headphone signal to travel in the same cable as a guitar signal
  • Perfect for guitar & bass monitoring and practicing without an amp
  • Length 11.5′ / 3.5m


  • TC-Helicon VoiceLive products: VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Play GTX, Play Acoustic, Play Electric, VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive Touch
  • Guitar multi-fx processors with headphone out
  • iPhone/iPad guitar interfaces

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