• Dynamic performance mic with superior Vocal Tone and Feedback Rejection
  • 4 user-assignable Mic Control™ buttons for creative FX control
  • Backlit display for preset number and HIT status

Control Your Performance

With advanced Mic Control™, you choose what your four buttons control, when to activate effects and where on stage to trigger those moments. Want to switch to a new preset for the chorus? Add effects to your loop? Punch in a custom tone on your second verse? You can do it all  - and so much more.

Under the Grill

The MP-76 rejects what you don’t need in the signal – focusing solely on the power of your voice. This is because its been specially designed to deliver the best off-axis feedback suppression in its class, as well as rejection of pitched sources nearby that can impact Harmony and other pitch-sensitive effects.

Choose Your Weapon

The magic of the MP-76 is activated by these TC-Helicon Vocal Processors: VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive Play, Play Electric, Play Acoustic, and VoiceSolo FX150. If you haven’t yet joined the TC-Helicon user fraternity, welcome! It’s fun here.

New LCD FX Display

The backlit LCD display lets you know what preset you’re on and the status of the HIT function. The number of wired microphones that have a lit display onboard can be counted on one hand – minus four fingers, of course. The MP-76 is it!

No batteries required

Unlike voltage-hungry wireless mics, or other types of remote audio gear, you’ll never have to worry about, change, or throw away a battery ever again. All this FX capability is achieved with a standard mic cable; the microphone itself is powered simply by the trickle of phantom power sent from your TC-Helicon processor.



  1. 4 User-Assignable Buttons for Controlling TC-Helicon Vocal Effects
  2. Super-Cardioid Pick-Up Pattern Optimized for Close Mic Technique
  3. Superior Background Noise Rejection and Resistance to Feedback
  4. Excellent Pop and Breath Noise Rejection & Low Handling Noise
  5. Numeric Display Shows FX Settings

Ready to Enhance your sound?

What They Say...

"Insane creative control of TC-Helicon’s vocal processors gets even easier with MP-76. Similar to the company's earlier MP-75 model but with more assignable buttons, tweaking the box can be done... outside the box, from anywhere on stage."

-Computer Music Magazine

"MP-76 is truly amazing...one of a kind. When TC-Helicon introduced Mic ControlTM with the MP-75, it started a revolution. However the MP-76 has added even more control, with its 4 Mic ControlTM buttons and a numeric backlit LCD-display."