Guitar FX Highlights

  • Legendary TC Electronic® Guitar FX – Hall of Fame Reverb, Flashback Delay & Corona Chorus
  • New: BodyRez™ restores acoustic tone to your amplified guitar
  • Guitar feedback-proofing with notch filter and phase controls
  • Separate vocal and guitar outputs, or a stereo mix of both
  • Extend Your FX Control with the optional Switch-3 pedal

Legendary Guitar FX from TC Electronic

Play Acoustic comes preloaded with select FX to best suit your acoustic guitar – including TC Electronic’s award-winning TonePrint pedals, Hall of Fame Reverb, Flashback Delay and Corona Chorus. The direct Guitar DI output ensures signal fidelity all the way from pedal to PA.

Included Guitar FX


Short for Reverberation, reverb simulates an acoustic space like a concert hall or a bathroom.

Typically, slower songs use longer reverb and faster songs use shorter reverb.

For more information on the technical aspects of reverb, see: Wikipedia Reverberation

ReverbHall Of Fame


Also known as Echo, delay repeats the input sound in various ways, from single “taps” to multiple panned asynchronous repeats.

Often, delay is mistaken for reverb in a song. It’s typical in a recording to use a small amount of both delay and reverb to create the desired spatial effect.

For more information on the technical aspects of reverb, see: Wikipedia Delay

DelayFlashback 2290
DelayFlashback Analog
DelayFlashback Tape
DelayFlashback LoFi
DelayFlashback Slap
DelayEdge-Y Mod
DelayAnalog Modul8r
DelayDotted 1/8
DelayPing Pong
DelayMultitap 2
DelaySet Millisecond Delay
DelayLong & Thin
DelayReverb Tank

Micro Mod

µMod, pronounced “micro mod” contains effects that chorus, flange or otherwise modulate the signal. These effects can range from subtle to extreme.

For more information on Chorus see: Wikipedia Chorus Effect

and Flanging: Wikipedia Flanging Effect

Micro ModChorus
Micro ModChorus


Short for EQualization, these controls allow you to shape the sound of audio by increasing or decreasing the gain of various frequencies.

For example, our Tone feature for vocals adds high frequency and reduces low frequency to add “crispness” and reduce “mud” in the signal, making vocals sound more like they would in a recording studio.

For more information on Equalization see: Wikipedia Equalization

Here’s a handy chart that shows which instruments and sounds occupy various frequency ranges: Independent Recording Network Interactive Frequency Chart

BodyRezBodyRez 1
BodyRezBodyRez 2
BodyRezBodyRez 3
BodyRezBodyRez 4
BodyRezBodyRez 5
BodyRezJust Comp

Bodyrez™ – Natural Wood Tone

The sound of resonating wood is what gives an acoustic guitar its particular sonic allure, and this is where BodyRez™ comes in. New and unique to Play Acoustic, the BodyRez algorithm restores acoustic tone to guitars fitted with undersaddle pickups.


Bodyrez™ = Full bodied

Carefully placed filters and fast acting compression combine to reduce “piezo-quack”, making your amplified guitar sound like the beautiful full-bodied instrument it is. Dial in as much or as little BodyRez as you need and use the handy EQ controls to fine-tune the dynamics of your sound.

Guitar FX for Your Style

No acoustic guitar is the same – and neither are singer-songwriters. Tweak and edit the sonic style of the included guitar effects as much as you want until you find that perfect tone for your guitar. Then, just set it and forget it. Play Acoustic takes care of your sound from here on out.

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