Truly electrifying

If you want to take charge of your TC-Helicon equipment, the PowerPlug 12 is the way to go. Simply put it’s: 12 Volts / 1000 mA. If that sounds like 19th century European physics to you, it’s probably because it is. Luckily, you don’t have to search through dusty library books to get to the bottom of A, V, O and watt not – all you need to know is that the PowerPlug 12 works like a charm with all TC-Helicon products.


  • TC-Helicon approved 12 Volts / 1000 mA Universal Power Supply
  • Includes US, UK and EU adapters (other territories can attach regular 3rd party travel adapters)
  • Works with all TC-Helicon products – worldwide
  • PowerPlug also comes in a 9-volt version that’s perfect for powering the pedals from our sister-company TC Electronic

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