Answers to Over 100 Questions from Singers Including:

  • Does Coffee Really Dry Out the Voice?
  • I have to Sing with an Infection – What Can I do?
  • Saline Nasal Flushing Feels like Drowning!
  • Is Brandy OK as Part of my Pre-Gig Warm Up?
  • Am I Losing My Upper Range?
  • My Voice is Getting Old – Can I Wind Back the Clock?
  • Hemorrhoid Cream for the Voice – Cure or Quackery?
  • What are the Side Effects to Reflux Medication?
  • Does Menstruation Make Me Sing Badly?
  • Will a Nose Job Change my Voice?
  • Can Asthma Treatment Ruin my Singing?
  • Will my Worrying Jinx my Vocal Health?

Advice from a Leading Voice Doctor

This book's Author, Dr Anthony F. Jahn MD FACS FRCS(C),is an internationally renowned otolaryngologist based in Manhattan with a sub-specialty interest in the professional voice. His practice includes classical and popular singers. He is Senior Attending Otolaryngologist at Mount Sinai/Roosevelt Hospital in New York, adjunct professor of voice pedagogy at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, and Medical Director at the Metropolitan Opera and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

What They Say...

This book debunks the myths and misconceptions regarding proper care of the voice - and sets the record straight. A must-have for singers and actors at any level, beginner or professional.

-Ron Browning, International Voice Coach to the Stars

Few doctors know the needs of a singers as well as Tony Jahn. He has helped and rescued known and unknown singers in times of medical trouble.

-Marco Franken MD, laryngologist, Consultant Royal Conservatory, The Hague Netherlands

You’ll learn a ton about proper water intake, mucus control and how to protect yourself against common ailments - and some of Dr. Jahn’s answers may surprise you!

-Lisa Popeil, Top LA Vocal Coach, creator of Voiceworks®

Rich with advice, facts and knowledge – important material for a long and healthy vocal career.

-Moshe Harell, MD, Otolaryngologist and Professional Voice specialist, Israel

Great advice with simple solutions that will not sacrifice the voice in the long run. Keep this book in your gigbag!"

-Jaime Vendera, vocal coach renowned for his wineglass-shattering voice