• Easy Stompbox access to hundreds of Vocal FX for any style
  • Amazingly realistic Vocal Harmonies – and Looping for Voice & Guitar
  • A built-in engineer that creates a constant, smooth & produced Tone

The vocal FX powerhouse

What does a vocalist live for? A jaw-dropping vocal sound that takes audiences over the edge. VoiceLive 2 is packed with processing power for all of the vocal effects you need.

A stompbox. For vocalists.

This is the way stompboxes were meant to be: from the body curve that puts switches at their most natural angle for your feet to its intuitive displays. You stay in total control of your sound in every performance.


New NaturalPlay Harmonies

VoiceLive 2 responds naturally to whatever instrument or music you use. Whether you play guitar, a MIDI keyboard or no instrument at all, VoiceLive 2 serves up brilliant vocal harmonies. Its all-new algorithm is smooth and natural even for extreme vocal styles.

An Engineer that Listens

You don’t need to set EQ, Compression or De-essing: these are adaptively applied to your voice with the Tone Button. Adaptive Gate reduces mic input when you’re not singing and Digital Gain Control is engaged with your feet. All of this means less worry about parameter setting and more focus on what really counts – your music.


VLOOP™ Your Vocals and Guitar

We give you a single button to control the looping of your effects, vocal and guitar inputs. Simply press to play, overdub, stop, undo or erase. There’s up to 15 seconds of stereo looping and 30 seconds of mono.


Access Your Vocal Power

  1. Access to 6 FX blocks with Almost Unlimited Combinations.
  2. Easy Editing of All Parameters.
  3. Simple Preset Chaining with Step Feature.
  4. Complete I/O Connectivity including USB for Updates, Backups and Audio Streaming.

What They Say...

“What a phenomenal pedal this is! The harmonies are fantastic. I have dealt with a lot of different pedals, this is by far the simplest pedal that has the most capability.”

-The Modern Vocalist World

“This is a great and incredibly powerful Stompbox. It packs such a big punch. The heart of the VoiceLive 2 lies in the quality of the Harmonies that it can produce.”

–Absolute Music

“I use it in all my live applications. You can use a dynamic pedal like this for metal. You can adjust the intensity of the vocal. Get it! I love it!”

–Matt Turkington from Animus Complex

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