Step 1: Prepare to captivate

VL3X fulfills your studio-to-stage journey. It starts in rehearsal with you loading up a backing track – whether it’s just drums, bass, or a full band mix. VL3X captures all your effects changes, syncing them to your track — harmonies, delays, guitar FX, anything you can think of. You can even record FX changes that would otherwise be physically impossible using the switches alone.


Preset included

VL3X ships with included FX Automation for "Amazing Grace" for male vocals. The female version of the preset - here demonstrated by Whitney Meyer - will be available for free download via VoiceSupport.


Step 2: The perfect performance

It ends with you on stage, simply pressing “play” on VL3X and an amazing thing happens: Your track plays back with all the effect changes you perfected at home completely automated for your performance. Now you’re free to connect with your audience and your fellow players. All of that hard work you did before the gig – making your song sound just right – is heard every time you perform.

  • Up to 100 audio backing tracks can be loaded for live accompaniment via a standard USB key
  • MP3 and 16/24 bit WAV import formats supported
  • Onboard Sequencer records and plays back FX and Step activations live
  • Backing Tracks/Sequences load quickly via associated presets
  • Icon-based play/record/editing interface and waveform display

Bootleg your own show

Combining all this automation power with VL3X’s recording feature means that you’re always able to capture exactly what the audience hears on a USB key output. Not only is this a fantastic rehearsal tool, but you can also push “record” at the beginning of your show and have VL3X deliver your own “board mix” – perfect for your press kit, uploading to social media, combining with your video footage or duplicating for sale at the end of the show.

Automation FX

Singer-songwriter and product specialist, Stephanie Forryan shows exactly why automating your FX changes can be such a liberating experience. It allows you too focus solely on playing and singing while VL3X makes sure that everything comes off perfectly and professionally. Keep an eye on the lights/FX going on and off as Stephanie delivers her dark opus "Closer Than Before". Recorded live directly from the VL3X outputs.