Looping dominance

Create intricate songs and on-the-spot re-arrangements with the VoiceLive 3 platform’s powerful multi-looper. Just watch the awesome Selena Evangeline in action...


Looping highlights

  • Powerful multi-track looper with intuitive control layout and infinite overdubs
  • 3-phrase looping with selectable layering and serial techniques
  • LoopAssist™ with smart metronome, quantize and MIDI Sync for perfectly synced loops
  • Auto expansion of loop length allows you to create long loops on top of short ones and vice versa
  • 50 loop slots store up to 3 loops of 8 minutes each

Massive looping memory

We’ve packed VL3X with even more memory & storage than our already incredibly powerful VoiceLive 3 - hours of looping time and infinite overdubs let you create countless sets of songs – and store them for instant recall. Check out Tom Lang unpacking the meaning of looping power on the VoiceLive 3 platform...


A deeper look at the looping features

VL3X is totally dedicated to expanding your looping abilities. Product Manager, Craig Fraser walks through the features of the VoiceLive 3 platform in this video.


Your looping assistant

The LoopAssist™ function helps you make tighter loops effortlessly. It does this through intelligently correcting your loop’s start and end points, or stretching loops of varying lengths to mesh everything together – a feature that goes way beyond many looping pedals.

Live Looping

Product Manager Tom Lang and singer-songwriter Stephanie Forryan put down a massive sweet-sounding loop on the VL3X. On-the-fly and recorded live.