Prepare for perfection

Imagine the perfect sound engineer taking your vocals to awe-inspiring heights. Imagine the rich tones of a premium stomp box collection. Imagine a songwriting tool setting your creativity on fire, both when writing and performing. Now, stop imagining and fire up VoiceLive 3.


  • TC-Helicon’s most comprehensive Vocal FX suite
  • Legendary Guitar FX from TC Electronic & New Amp Emulations
  • Looping Dominance: 3-Phrase Loops for creating entire songs

Watch it Work

Three very different artists share a glimpse of what VoiceLive 3 brings to the table – they’ve actually never used our products before this performance. The audio was recorded straight from outputs; all vocal, guitar and tonal effects are provided by VoiceLive 3.


Your voice, front and center

VoiceLive 3 gives you a mind-blowing vocal effects path more comprehensive than anything created before. It features 11 independent effects blocks, over 180 different styles, and more than 250 factory presets available right out of the box (and more through free downloads).

No compromise guitar FX & amp tones

The guitar section of VoiceLive 3 rivals even the most pristine pedal boards – thanks to legendary FX from TC Electronic like Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, and Vortex Flanger. You can also choose just the perfect amp emulation from vintage British to classic American.

Building better songs with loops

Looping on VoiceLive 3 gives you the ability to experiment with real-time song creation or exciting loop jams. Arrange and re-arrange backing tracks with flexible verse-chorus-bridge switching. The LoopAssist™ function helps you make tighter loops effortlessly and auto-expand loops to allow different lengths.

Dedicated Vocal PA and guitar out

You can send your vocal sound to the PA while your guitar sound goes to your favorite amp. This killer feature also works if you’re looping; the stereo vocal loops go to the PA while the stereo guitar loops go separately to the amps.


Easy Control of Endless Possibilities

  1. Intuitive display - see your settings at a glance.
  2. Stompbox-style access to FX and controls.
  3. Vocal, Guitar and Looping indicator colors.
  4. All the I/Os you need - including dedicated vocal PA and Guitar Out.

What They Say...

“VoiceLive 3 is full of clever add-ons that have clearly been designed by engineers who know play live. Improvements in harmony technology and the best looping technology on offer for vocalists.”

-Sound On Sound

"PLATINUM AWARD WINNER: VoiceLive 3 really delivers the goods. Individually, the vocal, guitar and looper sections are worth the price of admission on their own, and collectively they make VoiceLive 3 an incredible bargain."

-Guitar World Magazine

"Take it from me, these are all top end effects for both vocal and guitar. I used this on a couple of gigs during the review - once just as a vocal processor and once as a stand-alone guitar FX unit. Both performed exceptionally."

-iGuitar Magazine

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