Looping dominance

Create intricate songs and on-the-spot re-arrangements with VoiceLive 3’s Powerful multi-track looper including intuitive control layout and infinite overdubs. We’re talking about Powerful 3-phrase looping - complete with selectable layering and serial techniques. Watch the awesome Selena Evangeline in action...


Massive looping memory

We’ve packed VoiceLive3 with loads of memory and storage - 45 minutes of looping time and infinite overdubs let you create entire sets of songs and store them for instant recall. Loops can be stored on board and recalled together with presets. Check out Tom Lang unpacking the looping power...


A deeper look at the looping features

VoiceLive 3 is totally dedicated to expanding your looping abilities.You can even create long loops on top of short ones, and vice versa, without having to set up timing beforehand. Craig Fraser walks through the features in this video.


Your looping assistant

The LoopAssist™ function helps you make tighter loops effortlessly. It does this through intelligently correcting your loop’s start and end points, or stretching loops of varying lengths to mesh everything together – a feature that goes way beyond many looping pedals.