• Renowned TC-Helicon Vocal Effects, Harmony and Looping
  • Hundreds of song & artist inspired presets
  • RoomSenseTM mics guide your harmonies to the music around you

A produced vocal tone – anywhere

Producers spend more time on perfecting vocals than any other instrument; the number of layered vocal tracks on a studio recording often run well into the double-digits. VoiceLive Play makes this studio magic available to every singer - everywhere.

The vocal sounds you love

Automatic backing harmonies, vocal double tracking, pristine EQ and compression, lush reverbs, hard-tuned robo-voice – all the goose-bump effects that make today’s Billboard hit vocals truly stand out are yours.

HIT performances & attractive practice

The HIT feature gives you total control to punch in a stunning harmony or other effects precisely when it’s right for your song. When you’re not on stage, plug in your MP3, choose “Vocal Cancel” and practice with your favorite tracks – complete with statistics on your voice.


The Complete Vocal FX Pedal

  1. Access your effects directly, choose the presets you want and find the styles you like.
  2. Easily browse hundreds of preset sounds.
  3. Add dazzling effects for the chorus, or strip it down for the verse, you decide!
  4. Dedicated outputs for your voice – plus inputs for head phones, auxiliary devices, an expansion pedal and USB for updates and new presets.

Ready to Enhance your sound?

What They Say...

"The harmonies are really clever and very versatile and the pitch control is equally. The unit features small microphones that pick up the pitch of instruments around it; it really works!”

- The Cavan Project

“VoiceLive Play offers a lot of different processing options for the live vocalist. It doesn't look at all out of place alongside guitar pedal and amps, and the foot pedal control works well.”

- Sound on Sound

“VoiceLive Play has really added some flavor. You don’t have to worry about programming sounds or functions. It’s basically just pushing a button and letting the presets blow you away.”

- Customer, US

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